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5-Year Program, Inside Electrical Track

Minimum: 800 hours of instruction, 8000 hours of on-the-job training

The first 3 years you have classroom instruction and lab work on day every other week year round, and you get paid for your attendance in school. The last two years, you choose skill improvement elective classes. You take a total of four classes in those two years.

On the job you'll gain experience in conduit bending, branch circuit wiring, panel and switchgear installations, fire alarm and security systems and other skills.

In the class and lab you'll learn about such subjects as Ohm.s Law, AC and DC Theory, Solid State Electronics, Digital Electronics, Fiber Optic Theory and more.

On the money. After you complete this program you can make from $24.13 - $34.30* an hour. When you work full-time at that rate, your earning potential is over $50,300- $71,500 per year. Plus over $24,600 for Health and Retirement Benefits.

Call the training office at 301-429-2575 for more information.

* Rate as of November 2007, subject to change due to the biannual contractual raise. Lower rate is the Shenandoah Zone.